Is Your Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Is your cat drinking enough water?  If not, you cat’s health is in danger.

It can be difficult to make sure that your cat is taking in enough water.  This is especially true if your cat eats only dry food. (I eat mostly dry food.  But my family gives me wet food at least three times a week.)


  • Give your cat fresh water at least twice a day.
  • Provide the water in clean water bowls.  I don’t like dust in my water. Your cat probably doesn’t either. Rinse the bowl daily to remove any dust or other debris that may have gotten into the bowl. Wash the bowls at least one per week, being sure to rise all soap from the bowl.
  • Make sure that the water bowls are the correct size for your cat. As a Maine Coon, I have some of the longest whiskers of any domestic cat, and I don’t like it when my whiskers touch the side of a bowl. Your cat probably won’t like it either when his or her whiskers touch the sides of the bowl.
  • Make sure your cat’s bowl is not too deep. Most cats prefer shallow bowls.  We like to be able to see the bottom of the bowl. (Someone tried to get me to use a paper cup.  But, as you can see in the photo,  I decided to wear the cup as a hat instead.)
  • Have more than one water bowl for your cat, and place them in different locations.  I enjoy being able to go to more location to have a refreshing sip.  Try moving you cat’s water bowls to different spots.  But whatever you do, please do not put your cat’s water bowls near our food or litter box.
  • If you try all of the above, and your cat still does not seem to drink much water, maybe you should try changing the type of water that you are providing. I usually do not drink tap water. I don’t like it.  I prefer bottled water that has been chilled. Try bottled water, or even rain water for your cat. You could even try chilling tap water for your cat before trying other types of water.

Stay refreshed!





2 thoughts on “Is Your Cat Drinking Enough Water?”

  1. “I must drink some water!” cried the Cat in the Hat
    “I’m far too thirsty, and we cannot have that!”
    So he searched and he scoured for something to drink
    to bring his situation back from the brink

    And so he came across a cold-water vendor
    and stopped at the counter, in awe of it’s splendor
    “Can I have a water, I’m quite thirsty today!”
    “No no,” said the vendor. “You’ll have to pay!”

    That Cat in the Hat did not have any money
    The cold-water vendor did not find this funny
    “Begone,” he cried as he shooed off the cat
    “Nothing is free, no, we cannot have that!”

    So the Cat in the Hat left, down in the dumps
    Until something pulled him out of his slump
    For at the bottom of his trail of the mountain
    There it stood, a public water fountain

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Cat in the Hat took a sip from the fountain.
      It was the fountain at the bottom of the mountain.

      He did sip enough to quench his thirst,
      Because avoiding dehydration had to be first.
      But tap water wasn’t really to his taste.
      So, off he went at a quick pace.

      He quickly found some solid employment.
      But it didn’t feel like work,
      Instead felt like enjoyment.

      He earned lots of money to put in the bank.
      But for those who helped him, he remembered to thank.
      One day he made a withdrawal from the bank teller,
      And went in search of the bottled-water seller.

      The vendor was bought out by the Cat in the Hat,
      who sold water at a discount,
      And that was that.


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