Shout Out to My Shelter of the Month: Chicago Cat Rescue

Hello, Namaste,

Today, I am giving a shout out to the  Chicago Cat Rescue which is located in Chicago, Illinois.

This shelter is committed to helping homeless cats and kittens by recuing them and through finding foster homes (and ultimately forever homes) for the cats and kittens. In addition to saving the cats, the Chicago Cat Rescue provides education for the humans that love the cats. They are doing an amazing job!

I encourage my readers to help this shelter by fostering or adopting a cat.  If you are not in the vicinity of this shelter, please consider helping out by making a donation.

Check out their website through the link below. Chicago Cat Rescue

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Fridays With Friends: Check Out These Star Friends!

Hello, Namaste!

Here are photos of my cat friends that were.  It’s like having pen pals. I love seeing these photos!  What an awesome group!


Above: These beautiful cats are Botch (the fluffy long haired one) hugging Gio (on the left).  Look how loving they are. This picture was sent in by Carolina B. Thanks, Carolina!


Above:  This handsome boy is  Jaco, posing with his hat and scarf for his Jaco’s Tacos Restaurant.  He reportedly loves tomato sauce, a bit spicey.  This photo was sent in by Lori.  You should check out her blog Loriginal Designs blog at   Thanks, Lori!


Above: This is Jonathan.  He is not a cat, but a cow. His picture was sent in by Cowboy Casey (a girl)  She says he is a good little cow and always does what he is told.  Thanks, Casey!  We like all kinds of friends!


Invitation: Send Photos of Your Cat(s)

Hello, Greetings, Namaste,

On Fridays, I celebrate Fridays with Friends.  On Fridays with Friends, I like to post pictures of other cats (and other animals if they are in the photo with a cat.)

Please send your pictures that include your cat(s) by the end of Thursday in order to have your pets’ pictures posted on Friday.  Don’t forget to include your pets’ names.

You should send your pictures to me at:


Archimedes the Cat

Friday with Friends

This is Bastet (left) and Momo. The photo of these beautiful kitties was sent in by Erin H. Thanks Erin! They appear to be observing the great outdoors. If you want your cat’s picture featured in my next Friday with Friends, just send a photo of your cat(s)’ with his/her name(s) to me at by Thursday.

The Cat, Pop Tarts, & Taylor Swift


I was home by myself for a few hours recently. As you know, if you’ve read my “About” page, I am quite inquisitive. I am also persistent. My family won’t give me Pop Tarts, no matter hard I beg.   So, when I found this box of Pop Tarts on the counter in the kitchen, I dragged the box onto my climbing tree. I was just about to rip into the box when someone returned home, caught me in the act, and snapped my picture.  (I ripped into the box any way.)

Our grocery delivery man said that Pop Tarts aren’t good. But, then I heard that Taylor Swift likes Pop Tarts. She’s a cat lover. So, I’m more likely to believe her than the grocery delivery man.

What do you think?  Do you like Pop Tarts?

Valentine’s Day Poetry Shared Today

Today, I put out an invitation for my readers to share their Valentine’s Day/love poems.  Below are the poem that were submitted. Bravo!

Little feet

Pitter patter

Oh, spilt milk?

I’ll take care of the splatter!!

The poem above was submitted by Erin C.

This is a really fun poem, and sweet, too.   Thanks so much for sharing, Erin.

The days are short,

The Sun sinks fast,

Hopefully, this weather won’t last.

My nose is cold,

The world is too.

(Everyone except for you).

Because of you, the world is fine,

Just as long as you are mine!

Submitted by Alexis C.

This is a heart warming poem.  Even with my Maine coon fur, I will be glad when the cold weather is over, too.  Thanks very much for sharing, Alexis

Best Wishes From A Cat: A Valentine’s Day Poem- Submit Your Poem, too!

In honor of this lovely day, I have written a Valentine’s Day poem:

Catnip in my bed,

Mice in my view,

Cat treats are sweet,

And so are you!

I invite you to write a poem, also.  Send in a Valentine’s/love poem that you have written, along with a picture of your cat. (If you are unfortunate enough not to have a cat in the family, never fear, you can just send in the poem). Simply email it to me at

P.S. I know at least one of you out there is wonderfully poetic!