Shout Out to My Shelter of the Month: Chicago Cat Rescue

Hello, Namaste,

Today, I am giving a shout out to the  Chicago Cat Rescue which is located in Chicago, Illinois.

This shelter is committed to helping homeless cats and kittens by recuing them and through finding foster homes (and ultimately forever homes) for the cats and kittens. In addition to saving the cats, the Chicago Cat Rescue provides education for the humans that love the cats. They are doing an amazing job!

I encourage my readers to help this shelter by fostering or adopting a cat.  If you are not in the vicinity of this shelter, please consider helping out by making a donation.

Check out their website through the link below. Chicago Cat Rescue

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Invitation: Send Photos of Your Cat(s)

Hello, Greetings, Namaste,

On Fridays, I celebrate Fridays with Friends.  On Fridays with Friends, I like to post pictures of other cats (and other animals if they are in the photo with a cat.)

Please send your pictures that include your cat(s) by the end of Thursday in order to have your pets’ pictures posted on Friday.  Don’t forget to include your pets’ names.

You should send your pictures to me at:


Archimedes the Cat

This Cat Says: Best Human Game Ever!:

As a very social cat, I love it when my family gets together. It makes it so that I can hang out with all of them at once.

Furthermore, with all that is going on in the world, it is important to stay connected with your family and friends. One activity that you can do with them is to play games.  I think it is also a good mental relaxation activity, also.

Have you played the game Apples to Apples?  It is the best game ever. In this game the fun is in creating hilarious comparisons. My family loves to play it.  It’s so funny and, I love to see my family laughing together.

So, right now, I’m thinking about inviting some feline friends over to play some Apples to Apples.  Have you played this game? What games do you like?


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Do You Know In What Month Your Kitty Was Born?

Announcing the Cats Birthday of the Month Club!

Do you know the month(s) of your cat(s) birth(s)?

If yes, please submit:

  • individual photo of your cat
  • name of your cat
  • month of your cat’s birth
  • Send the above information to me at:

Then I’ll post the birthday kitties of each month.

In order for your cat to be included in the March Cat Birthdays of the Month Club, please make sure that the photo reaches me before the end of February.



Here Come The 2017 Oscars, A Cat’s Review: Lion (the Movie)

I admit that the reason that I wanted to see the movie “Lion” was because of the name of the movie. Big cats are cats, too. As such, lions rock! So, also did the movie “Lion.”

I loved the movie (even though it was not about a big cat).  I don’t want to give away the movie plot.  But I will say that it is based on a true story.  Also, even though I wrote previously of wishing for technology that could be used to materialize cat treats on demand, I was impressed with how Google Earth was used in the movie. Being inquisitive,  I intend to check it out one day.

As for the awesomeness of this movie, it received the following 2017 Oscar nominations:

  • Best Picture
  • Best Actor in a supporting role – Dev Patel
  • Best Actress in a supporting role – Nicole Kidman
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Music
  • Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

If you get the chance, you should check out both the Lion movie, and Google Earth.

If you check out either, let me know what you think.

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The Cat’s Ear

Cats have amazing hearing. The superpower aspect of their hearing lies in their ability to hear very high pitch sounds.  Cats can hear ultrasonic sounds, which are higher than the sounds that humans can hear.

One thing that helps cats with their hearing is the shape of their ears. Cats have outer ears, called the pinnae, that cats can rotate 180 degrees to face toward sounds.  Furthermore, cats can rotate the pinnae independently. These pinnae catch and amplify sounds.

There are four reasons that cats need their sharp hearing skills. First, cats’ natural prey have high pitched sounds.  Rodents such as mice generate sounds in the upper range. Second, the high pitch sound of kittens helps parent cats locate their offspring. Third, the cats’ hearing helps it hear and avoid their predators.  Lastly, cats use their great hearing to assist them in navigating their environment.

So, when you want to get your cat’s attention, remember that using a high-pitched voice will be more effective.

Check out my big bat ears in my kitten photo!

The Cat, Pop Tarts, & Taylor Swift


I was home by myself for a few hours recently. As you know, if you’ve read my “About” page, I am quite inquisitive. I am also persistent. My family won’t give me Pop Tarts, no matter hard I beg.   So, when I found this box of Pop Tarts on the counter in the kitchen, I dragged the box onto my climbing tree. I was just about to rip into the box when someone returned home, caught me in the act, and snapped my picture.  (I ripped into the box any way.)

Our grocery delivery man said that Pop Tarts aren’t good. But, then I heard that Taylor Swift likes Pop Tarts. She’s a cat lover. So, I’m more likely to believe her than the grocery delivery man.

What do you think?  Do you like Pop Tarts?