A Cat Joke To Start Your Week: Why Don’t Cats Play Poker in the Jungle?

Hello, Namaste!

Archimedes the Cat here with a joke.

Question: Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle?


Answer: Too many cheetahs.


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Thanks, Archimedes the Cat

Fridays With Friends: Check Out These Star Friends!

Hello, Namaste!

Here are photos of my cat friends that were.  It’s like having pen pals. I love seeing these photos!  What an awesome group!


Above: These beautiful cats are Botch (the fluffy long haired one) hugging Gio (on the left).  Look how loving they are. This picture was sent in by Carolina B. Thanks, Carolina!


Above:  This handsome boy is  Jaco, posing with his hat and scarf for his Jaco’s Tacos Restaurant.  He reportedly loves tomato sauce, a bit spicey.  This photo was sent in by Lori.  You should check out her blog Loriginal Designs blog at https://free13644.wordpress.com/blog/.   Thanks, Lori!


Above: This is Jonathan.  He is not a cat, but a cow. His picture was sent in by Cowboy Casey (a girl)  She says he is a good little cow and always does what he is told.  Thanks, Casey!  We like all kinds of friends!


Help A Cat Out: What is a Tigon?


Help me out, please.  My family has gone out for the day. So, I need your help.

I was listening to the radio and I heard someone mention a “tigon”.

Please, post a reply to let me know what a tigon is.

Thanks, Your Friend, Archimedes the Cat

(P.S. I know that you can type better than a cat, because most humans have opposable thumbs. So, please, don’t even paws.  Get on your keyboard and give me a hand.)  Thanks!

Have You Seen The Longest Cat In The World? Wow! Check Out This Video!

Here is the record holder for the longest domestic cat in the world.  It’s a Maine coon…like me!

Below is a Guinness World Records video.



Also, don’t forget that I would love to see more of my cat friends. Please send pictures.  Here is a link to my earlier invitation: Invitation: Send Photos of Your Cat(s).

Invitation: Send Photos of Your Cat(s)

Hello, Greetings, Namaste,

On Fridays, I celebrate Fridays with Friends.  On Fridays with Friends, I like to post pictures of other cats (and other animals if they are in the photo with a cat.)

Please send your pictures that include your cat(s) by the end of Thursday in order to have your pets’ pictures posted on Friday.  Don’t forget to include your pets’ names.

You should send your pictures to me at: archimedesthecatblog@yahoo.com.


Archimedes the Cat

This Cat Says: Best Human Game Ever!:

As a very social cat, I love it when my family gets together. It makes it so that I can hang out with all of them at once.

Furthermore, with all that is going on in the world, it is important to stay connected with your family and friends. One activity that you can do with them is to play games.  I think it is also a good mental relaxation activity, also.

Have you played the game Apples to Apples?  It is the best game ever. In this game the fun is in creating hilarious comparisons. My family loves to play it.  It’s so funny and, I love to see my family laughing together.

So, right now, I’m thinking about inviting some feline friends over to play some Apples to Apples.  Have you played this game? What games do you like?


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