How To Make Your “Little Ones” Smarter!

People often wonder how I got so smart. They want to know how to make their “kitties/kiddies” smarter. I’ll use a quote to ” sum up” my education.


“Your mother must have been quite a slave to your education.”  – Quote from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Yes…that’s how I got smart!


Fridays With Friends: Check Out These Star Friends!

Hello, Namaste!

Here are photos of my cat friends that were.  It’s like having pen pals. I love seeing these photos!  What an awesome group!


Above: These beautiful cats are Botch (the fluffy long haired one) hugging Gio (on the left).  Look how loving they are. This picture was sent in by Carolina B. Thanks, Carolina!


Above:  This handsome boy is  Jaco, posing with his hat and scarf for his Jaco’s Tacos Restaurant.  He reportedly loves tomato sauce, a bit spicey.  This photo was sent in by Lori.  You should check out her blog Loriginal Designs blog at   Thanks, Lori!


Above: This is Jonathan.  He is not a cat, but a cow. His picture was sent in by Cowboy Casey (a girl)  She says he is a good little cow and always does what he is told.  Thanks, Casey!  We like all kinds of friends!