Shout Out To Queen Elizabeth

I live a busy life.  There is always something novel happening. But, I do have my daily rituals, and one of my daily rituals is starting my day with a cup of tea:  Twinings English Breakfast; milk (of course), no sugar.

Well, I read that Queen Elizabeth has the same tea routine for breakfast. So, I’m giving a shout out to her.  I’m issuing an invitation to Queen Elizabeth to join me for tea anytime.

I have just finished my cup for this morning. I wish I had time for more. But, I don’t.

I’m off to create a great day for myself. I hope you do the same!


Keep Calm and Nap

My family has been discussing taking a short trip. I think it might be a ski trip, and I don’t blame them. Who doesn’t love to ski the powdery slopes of Vail, Colorado?  However, even though I can be quite independent, I enjoy having my family around.  So I tried to come up with ways to keep them at home. I recalled the movie called “Nine Lives,” in which a cat urinated in someone’s purse.  I decided against doing that.  (I have a perfect record for using the litter box.)  As my family members got their luggage, I began pacing around watching them. But it was only few minutes before each of them scooped me up, gave me lots of hugs, and reassured me that they would miss me too, and that they would be back soon.  At that point, I decided to keep calm and nap… in their luggage.