Cat Fact #2


We cats are very often lactose intolerant.  So, please don’t give us milk (even if, in a moment of weakness, we ask for it).  Thanks!!!  Love you,  Archimedes



Invitation: Send Photos of Your Cat(s)

Hello, Greetings, Namaste,

On Fridays, I celebrate Fridays with Friends.  On Fridays with Friends, I like to post pictures of other cats (and other animals if they are in the photo with a cat.)

Please send your pictures that include your cat(s) by the end of Thursday in order to have your pets’ pictures posted on Friday.  Don’t forget to include your pets’ names.

You should send your pictures to me at:


Archimedes the Cat

Purring Poetry: Funny – Fat Cat

Hi Friends,  Namaste,

I love cat poems, whether written by a previously published poet, or a budding poet. (Hint: I’d love for you to write a cat poem and submit it to me at:

Today’s poem was written by Rita El Khoury.  Enjoy!

Funny – Fat Cat

Once, there was a white cat
Who was really, really fat
So fat
She looked like a bat
Who has eaten a huge rat.

The cat was walking in the street
Following a beat, with her feet
Tic, tac, tic, tac
Looking for anything to eat
Milk, fish, tuna, meat…

But what a pity
The street was empty
So empty
Not even a birdie
To make her get nasty.

The cat kept walking in the street
Following a beat, with her feet
Tic, tac, tic, tac
Tic, tac, tic, tac
Looking for somewhere to sleep
Bed’n’sheets? Get real! Just a seat…

But she didn’t find any, what a shame
Because she was really lame
So lame
She had forgotten her own name
And from where she originally came.

So she kept walking in the street
Feeling the heat, and pain in her feet
Tic, tac, tic, tac
Tic, tac
Looking for someone to blame
Same situation, same game…

Then, the white cat
Saw a tiny red hat
One hat
She ran, jumped and sat
In it, what a lucky cat!

But since she was really fat
She got stuck in the hat
So stuck
She looked like a rat
In a cheese trap.

A dog came walking in the street
Following a beat, with his feet
Tic, tac, tictac
Tic, tac, tictac
He saw something red
So he stopped near the cat’s head:

‘Haha! Cat, you pay the fees
For acting so bad with your peers! ‘
‘Help, please’
‘Call me bad boy, I love to tease
I’m getting outta here, say cheers! ‘

Then a bird came flying in the street
With his wings, following a beat
Tictactictactictac< br>He saw something red
So he stopped above the cat’s head:

‘Oh, poor white cat
Are you trapped in this hat? ‘
‘Damn I am! ‘
‘Let me help you, sad little cat
Here, you’re out, care for a chat? ‘

Rumors I heard
Say the cat ate the bird.



Friday with Friends

This is Bastet (left) and Momo. The photo of these beautiful kitties was sent in by Erin H. Thanks Erin! They appear to be observing the great outdoors. If you want your cat’s picture featured in my next Friday with Friends, just send a photo of your cat(s)’ with his/her name(s) to me at by Thursday.

Fridays With Friends: Invitation For Cats

Hello Everyone,

Starting today, I am initiating “Fridays With Friends.”

So, today, I am inviting you to send me photographs of your cats.   Please include the names of your cats.  If you have more than one cat, it is better if you send in separate photographs of each cat, to insure that they are properly matched with their names.

Send your photographs to me at:

I can’t wait to hear from you and see your lovelies!

Valentine’s Day Poetry Shared Today

Today, I put out an invitation for my readers to share their Valentine’s Day/love poems.  Below are the poem that were submitted. Bravo!

Little feet

Pitter patter

Oh, spilt milk?

I’ll take care of the splatter!!

The poem above was submitted by Erin C.

This is a really fun poem, and sweet, too.   Thanks so much for sharing, Erin.

The days are short,

The Sun sinks fast,

Hopefully, this weather won’t last.

My nose is cold,

The world is too.

(Everyone except for you).

Because of you, the world is fine,

Just as long as you are mine!

Submitted by Alexis C.

This is a heart warming poem.  Even with my Maine coon fur, I will be glad when the cold weather is over, too.  Thanks very much for sharing, Alexis