Shout Out to My Shelter of the Month: Chicago Cat Rescue

Hello, Namaste,

Today, I am giving a shout out to the  Chicago Cat Rescue which is located in Chicago, Illinois.

This shelter is committed to helping homeless cats and kittens by recuing them and through finding foster homes (and ultimately forever homes) for the cats and kittens. In addition to saving the cats, the Chicago Cat Rescue provides education for the humans that love the cats. They are doing an amazing job!

I encourage my readers to help this shelter by fostering or adopting a cat.  If you are not in the vicinity of this shelter, please consider helping out by making a donation.

Check out their website through the link below. Chicago Cat Rescue

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Cat Shout Out To a Cat Lover: Ed Sheeran

Okay, as a cat, I think almost anyone who loves cats deserves a shout out.   But, Ed Sheeran is a recent discovery for me. He is an outstanding singer songwriter. His songs “Photograph” and “A Team” took my meow away. So, I would probably give him a shout out for his music alone.

But, this shout out is for his love of cats!  Cheers, Ed!